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InPhonex Expands Device Options for Consumers in the USA and Canada InPhonex Internet telephone service now available for use with Linksys Voice over IP (VoIP) devices.

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Miami, FL, – InPhonex, the World’s Internet phone company, today announced a relationship that will redefine the way consumers and small businesses communicate. InPhonex will now be offering its Internet Telephone service for use with two different Linksys Voice over IP (VoIP) devices in the USA and Canada. Linksys is a division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

InPhonex subscribers will be offered a choice of the Linksys (PAP2) Phone Adapter with 2 Phone Ports or the (RT31P2) Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports.

“Linksys’ brand awareness and reputation for quality was a perfect match for our domestic customers. It’s a brand they trust”, stated Todd Hirshorn, President of InPhonex. “This relationship furthers our goal of supporting an enormous number different SIP devices further differentiating us from the competition.

Both the Linksys Phone Adapter (PAP2) and Broadband Router with Voice (RT31P2) are equipped with two standard telephone jacks, support session initiation protocol (SIP), and are compatible with a cable or DSL high-speed Internet connection. Both devices have Web-based configuration through a built-in web server, offer high quality, clear sounding voice service and are compatible with all common telephone features: caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, etc. The RT31P2 Broadband Router features three 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports, supports advanced security management functions for port filtering, MAC address filtering, DMZ hosting and Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure best voice quality. The router also supports Universal Plug-and Play for easy set up and can act as a DHCP server.

Customers can sign up for InPhonex phone service and purchase the Linksys VoIP devices at

About InPhonex
InPhonex is a world leader in Internet Telephony founded in 2003. We offer inexpensive alternatives to traditional telephone service around the world. Our clients range from individual consumers to small businesses, Hotels, Call Centers, Cyber Cafes, ISPs, Web Hosting Providers, Telephone System Integrators and many Fortune 100 companies. We are one of the fastest growing Internet Telephony companies in the world and serve customers in over 150 countries. InPhonex services are sold directly through on the Internet at and through our large network of Value Added Resellers, VarPhonex. Learn more about our reseller program and VarPhonex at

InPhonex is a privately held company headquartered in Miami, Florida with technical facilities in Virginia and other International locations. For more information about InPhonex products and services, please visit or email