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Why We Are Different

It is time to reinvent telephony and face the complex and multifaceted challenges of the future. The telephony of tomorrow extends far beyond products and services. To continue to drive progress in the future, we will need to venture beyond our previous limitations.

The InPhonex platform – an ingeniously architected union of hardware, software, global interconnections, and people – can support the needs of consumers, businesses, resellers, and service providers. The needs it is designed for is to satisfy range from the very simple – like allowing a father to make an inexpensive, high-quality international call to his daughter – to the complex – like enabling a service provider to build a telephony business to build a cloud telephony business with millions of users.


Where We’re Going


The Inphonex platform will continue to evolve rapidly in four dimensions:

  • The platform’s reliability, scalability, and global coverage while already unmatched will all improve.
  • The platform’s value to partners will increase with more capabilities and fuller API and third party control.
  • The apps available will continuously increase and improve in particular their business and personal problem-solving value.
  • The third party apps that will plug-in to the Inphonex platform and it’s services will continue to grow from more than 750 today.

For more information about the capabilities and possibilities of the InPhonex platform, contact us today.

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We provide a highly scalable, stable, flexible, telecom core supported by a suite of applications and professional services designed to make you successful.

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